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About Us


We’re true believers that sometimes things happen for a reason. Looking back, we  never imagined that our daughter’s preventable accident would inspire us to  write and illustrate a storybook, and go so far as to establish our own  publishing company.  Nineteen years later…we're still here promoting the message!

Having knowledge of the many dangers that could harm  children, a lot of parents and caregivers go to great lengths to ensure that  they are safe and feel safe. Still, in spite of their efforts, sometimes  accidents can and do happen.  

Some things in a child’s life cannot be controlled or prevented; like certain childhood illnesses, temper tantrums, those terrible tears, and, of course, their unpredictable behavior.  

Most scald and contact burns are preventable.   According to The American Burn Association 66% of burns occur in the home.

Through our own personal experience, we’ve learned that it’s never too early to begin protecting your  child in the home and teaching them about burn injury prevention.

Nineteen years ago, just a few days before her first birthday, our daughter became a  burn injury statistic.  Although it didn’t seem like it at the time, we realized how very fortunate and blessed we were that it was “only” a very painful second-degree burn that has since healed.

A few months after the accident, we began researching burn injuries, and was amazed to discover that statistically, there is a tremendous ongoing need for early burn injury prevention education. 

With hopes of possibly preventing other children from the trauma of being seriously burned, my husband, Chris, and I wrote a story about burn injury prevention and safety called Bernie Burn.
Bernie Burn introduces infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to burn injury prevention, and offers specific safety solutions to parents and caregivers. The Bernie Burn character represents “danger” and is meant to remind children and their caregivers of some of the dangerous areas that may  exist in the home.

Believing that we have an important  message to share and a significant contribution to offer in the fight against childhood burn injuries, with little more than our story, combined talents we established Little Boots Publishing in January 2004.

One of the greatest gifts a parent or caregiver can give to a child is a safe environment. We’re hoping parents will want to share the Bernie Burn storybook with their children, grandparents will want to share it with their grandchildren, and caregivers and organizations will want to share it with the children they care  for.  We are currently offering discounted pricing to ALL preschools and  to organizations wishing to purchase large quantities.


Our personal philosophy is if we can help prevent even one child from being burned then all our efforts are worth while. 

Wishing everyone  a happy, healthy, Bernie Burn-safe day!

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